Rich Kids: 5 Fun Business Exercises to Teach Your Children.

Introducing business concepts at a young age can help develop an entrepreneurial mindset in children. Rather than lecturing them on complex topics, engaging them in practical exercises makes the lessons more digestible and enjoyable. Here are five fun activities you can do with your kids to teach them essential business skills:

1. Lemonade Stand

This classic exercise teaches several fundamental business lessons. Have your kids plan the entire operation – from budgeting ingredients to marketing and pricing strategies. Guide them through concepts like profit margins, customer service, and handling transactions. Once their lemonade stand is up and running, they’ll experience real-world business dynamics first-hand.


Step 1) Budget costs for lemonade ingredients, cups, and other supplies.

Step 2) Decide on pricing strategy based on costs and target profit margin.

Step 3) Make promotional signs and advertise in the neighborhood.

Step 4) Set up lemonade stand in high foot traffic area.

Step 5) Track sales revenue and expenses to calculate profits.

2. Craft Business 

Tap into your child’s creativity by having them make and sell crafts, artwork, or handmade items. They’ll learn skills like sourcing materials, manufacturing efficiently, and marketing their brand. Set them up with an online store or let them sell at community events. Tracking inventory and revenue will teach basic accounting.


Step 1) Decide what crafts or items to make.

Step 2) Source low-cost materials to construct products.

Step 3) Brand product line and create logos, labels, packaging.

Step 4) Market products through online store, local events, social media.

Step 5) Take orders, manage inventory, ship products to customers.

3. Service Business

Rather than selling physical products, have your children offer services in your neighborhood like dog walking, yard work, or tech support for families. They’ll practice skills like scheduling, customer communication, and delivering consistent quality work. Discuss how to competitively price their services based on the local market.


Step 1) Identify services to offer based on skills (yard work, tech help, etc.).

Step 2) Research prevailing rates to price services competitively.

Step 3) Advertise services through neighborhood flyers and online listings.

Step 4) Develop service schedule and availability calendar.

Step 5) Perform services for clients while providing quality customer service.

4. Shark Tank

Channel the popular business pitch TV show by having your kids develop a product or business idea and pitch it to you and/or friends and family acting as “investors.” They’ll learn how to craft a compelling business plan, handle tough questions, negotiate deals, and enlist partners.


Step 1) Develop a new product or business idea with potential.

Step 2) Create prototype or mockup of the product/service.

Step 3) Write a business plan covering enterprise overview, marketing, finances.

Step 4) Prepare a pitched presentation to “sell” the concept.

Step 5) Field questions from “investors” and negotiate a deal.

5. Classroom Economy

For ongoing learning, create a mock economic system at home where your kids can earn, spend, and invest classroom currency. Pay them for chores, let them purchase privileges or toys, and have them pay rent or taxes. Concepts like budgeting, saving, and borrowing money will come to life.


Step 1) Establish classroom currency and rules around earning and spending.

Step 2) Assign chores and tasks kids can complete to earn money.

Step 3) Set prices for privileges, toys, and investment opportunities.

Step 4) Pay “employees”, charge “rent”, have kids track finances.

Step 5) Facilitate economic scenarios like business startups, charitable giving.

The entrepreneurial skills and mindset gained through these hands-on exercises will serve children well, whether they pursue business ventures or other future paths. Have fun fostering their financial literacy and creativity!

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