Please check back as we will be adding to this list over time. This list is made of personal use and recommendations.

Books for Fathers

Reading books is a great way for fathers to gain valuable insights and guidance on their journey of fatherhood. Here are some highly recommended books:

Magazines for Fathers

In addition to books, there are also several magazines that cater specifically to fathers:

  • Parents – While not exclusively for fathers, this popular magazine covers a wide range of topics including parenting, health, and relationships.
  • Family Handyman – A DYI magazine with instructions. Its a great magazine to get ideas and how to do the job.
  • Ranger Rick Magazines – This is a great collection of magazines for your kids and help them explore their interest in nature.

Whether you’re an expectant father or a seasoned dad, these resources can provide valuable information, support, and inspiration on your journey of fatherhood. Happy reading!

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