Family is so important

This week i have been absent from social media and for this exact reason is why i started PWYD. My GrandFather is in the hospital, he is having a rough go for sure. He is quite elderly so this is to be expected right? Well this is the time in which a man who is the bedrock of a family and built the lives we all know and enjoy today. This is when he wants his whole family around, all in one place, and not to love him but so he can see and enjoy the love we all would give each other. He could lay in bed, and see all that he has built over the course of many decades of hard work and suffering, dedication and loyalty, riddled with stress and trying times, all while succeeding and never giving up. My GrandFather, at this time in his life needs family. Due to what can only be described as “toxic personality traits” and “mental disorders” brought on by negative societal norms and toxic
so-called ideologies, myself and my GrandMother are the only ones that spend all day at his bedside assisting and helping where we can. Most of the family has to work, such as my Father and Brother and family from up north, but our entire family is separated and spread out across the country. Most are not only unable to come but are unwilling. Selfishness and greed has taken over ideology Such as traditional family culture and family first, when the most important part of life is being with family. Loving and cherishing what you have built and being able to watch your children grow to do the same. This is what needs to change and it starts with me, right here. I will be sure to work hard to build a life for my family so that when myself or my wife lay in bed, vulnerable as my GrandFather does today, we may see the fruits of our labors and feel the love passed down. My Father and
GrandFather were both amazing parents and raised me to be a great man. Unfortunately a Toxic woman, riddled with sin and adopted by evil, weaseled her way into our family tearing us apart. This person can be the mother or the father. In this case the mother, but this is where i intend to work to change the ideologies of our society as a whole. Teach people about the benefits of traditional family structures and work to build my own. I want to show people the negative effects of extreme liberal ideologies such as feminism, hook-up culture, and gender ideology are toxic and destroy more than build. they ruin everything they touch and do nothing but cause more suffering. These ideologies are disguised ideas of acceptance, love and equality when in reality they are designed to tear apart those things and destroy from within. Thank you for reading and as @pancakeswithyourdad and
@callwithdads grows and develops, i hope to help reduce the toxicity plaguing our nation as a whole.

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